1995 Rugby World Cup winner Chester Williams tells the 'Best in the World with Richard Parr' podcast that he would be ready to coach the South African Rugby team, the Springboks, if called upon. 

At this year's Rugby World Cup, South Africa reached the semi-finals where they lost to New Zealand. They also were beaten in their opening game against Japan. 

Williams had previously been considered to coach the Springboks and had also turned down an assistant coach role. 

He told Richard Parr:

"I was so close to being the coach of the Springboks team. Maybe I should have been assistant coach with Jake White. That was 2006 I think.”

“Maybe I should have done that but I felt at the time I would like to learn more about the game at Super Rugby level. Unfortunately the team that I had, the Cats, split the year after and the coaches of the respective Unions were selected to be the coach and I had to start all over again." 

“But I’m not regretting it. I think it’s possibly a blessing in disguise that it happened because now I’ve learnt so much more about rugby.”

"It will always be an ambition. If it happens to come then it will be great." 

"And if it, when it comes, I think I’m ready now because I’ve had 15 years of experience of coaching. I think the most important thing of coaching is management. The management of players. Because coaching is very easy, you understand the game. The requisites for being a coach on the field is so much easier than off the field."   

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